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Women’s Recovery Assn.

image001Addiction is a disease that usually co-occurs with other psychiatric and medical conditions. Women have gender-specific treatment needs that must target their many roles and their primary relationships. Women’s Recovery Association‘s (WRA) programs and services help to heal the whole woman, including her mental health, physical needs, and spiritual identity.


In the last year, WRA served 300 vulnerable women and children with comprehensive co-occurring integrated addiction recovery services. For nearly a half-century, WRA has consistently led the way in helping women and children create more stable and productive lives that support and contribute to society. Our mission is to restore women of all ages and circumstances to lives of dignity and respect, free from the effects of untreated addiction and co-occurring psychiatric medical conditions.


L to R: Carolyn Rapier, WRA Executive Director, Laurie Wetzel, Former WRA Executive Director, Linda Carlson, Former WRA Executive Director, at the WRA Open House in September 2013.

Our history of providing treatment for women since the 1960s is important to the local community. WRA ‘s founder recognized that the issues women struggle with in addiction and recovery are complex and different from what men experience. Surprisingly, some of these issues have not changed much over the years, while other aspects of treating women with addiction have gotten even more complex. WRA has always been on the leading edge in offering gender-specific care and we are known for our success at treating not just the woman, but helping her children and family as well. Our commitment to innovation is a constant: we have changed with the times while preserving the quality treatment that we began 50 years ago.

– Carolyn Rapier, MFT, ED