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Star Vista Daybreak


Daybreak mural

Artwork created by Star Vista’s youth clients

Star Vista‘s Daybreak  is a transitional living program for homeless youth aged 16-21. The program provides respite from hunger and homelessness, supports youth in staying in school, obtaining a High School Diploma/GED and pursuing post-secondary education, training or employment. The program teaches independent living skills such as money management, meal preparation and provides mental health support to help youth transition to a positive living situation after they leave Daybreak.

Eighteen-year old Brian* came to StarVista’s Daybreak program with no place to live, no direction and few examples in his life of how to be independent and successful. Brian recalls:

I hadn’t had too many adult figures who completed something and I didn’t really know what that looked like or how it feels… So I usually ended up quitting.

With housing, counseling, life skills training and education, Brian was able to win a coveted place with Wells Fargo in ”Year Up”, an intensive training program in computer skills. These days, Brian travels the country providing technical support for the company. Brian says:

If I look back three years, I would never have predicted that I would be working for such a great company and in such a good situation.

Living independently and fulfilling his dreams, Brian now visits Daybreak as an inspirational graduate, showing other youth how they can overcome their challenges and succeed.