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Adaptive PE

APE logo enhanedAdaptive Physical Education takes place within the Friends of the Veterans Memorial Senior Center. Included each week is Chair Yoga, Circuit Level II, Zumba, and two Parkinson’s classes (2 different levels), as well as 12 Adaptive Physical Education exercise classes. We are located at the Veteran’s Memorial Senior Center in Redwood City.

Adaptive Physical Education is a fitness and wellness group-balanceprogram designed for individuals of all ability levels, particularly those with physical disabilities or health limitations. Improvements in cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination assist participants to retain as independent a lifestyle as possible. Each individual can progress at his/her own pace in a safe environment where they do not need to feel intimidated or judged for their own level of ability.



District residents’ quotes:

Without this regular exercise my arthritis freezes my joints up. I just don’t have the self-discipline to do it on my own, so the regular class is indispensable.

The program is very important to me, both as an aid to keeping my physical condition in good shape @72- but also associating with other seniors. (All in my class have a good attitude towards aging-A good group!)

I can remember when I first started (about 3 years ago) thinking “what am I doing here?” Now I can’t imagine not being here. Thank you to everyone– you’re the best!

Has been real helpful to me coming back from my heart attack.

It’s become a very important & necessary part of my life & routine! I depend on feedback from instructors & perspective of previous testing & performance to know where I am in my “wellness”. It lessens my “rust”!

Excellent program and a lot of fun.