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Adapt Foundation

Adapt Butterfly LogoThe Adapt Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps family and friends of addicts/alcoholics cope with their loved ones addiction. Through weekly meetings, we provide coping skills through collective sharing of experiences and insights. We learn how to change our own behavior and understand how addiction and trauma has affected our lives.


I’ve been involved with the Adapt Foundation since its start in 2009. Although the immediate crisis of my daughter’s drug addiction has passed, I continue with weekly meetings to continually reinforce my behavior in dealing with her addiction


  • Weekly Monday meetings at Woodside Road United Methodist  Church, 2000 Woodside Road, Room 5, RWC, 5:30pm – 7pm
  • Weekly Thursday meetings at Redwood Shores Library, 399 Parkway, RWC 6pm – 7:30p

Our Educator, Carol Kahm, has been the recipient of the Jefferson Award in 2012 for her service to San Mateo County.

With the support of the Sequoia Healthcare District, we hope to continue and expand our program in San Mateo County.