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School-Based Grants

Sequoia Healthcare District’s Healthy Schools Initiative supports school wellness within the paradigm of the Coordinated School Health Model and provides major financial support to pre-K through grade 12 public schools located within our geographic boundaries. Key health areas include:

  • Mental/ behavioral health (includes social/emotional)
  • Physical education and physical activity
  • Nutrition services/nutrition education
  • Health education
  • Community and family engagement
  • Staff wellness
  • Health and safety/healthy school environment

Among these health areas, we have identified mental health (physiological, social, and emotional), physical education and physical activity, and nutrition services and nutrition education as high priority health issues.

Sequoia Healthcare District’s Healthy School’s Initiative Grants Program seeks qualified agencies to provide school-based health services during the school day to help achieve the above outcomes.

Grant Cycle and Information

Our grant cycle is July 1—June 30 of each year.

2018-19 HSI Grants Recipients

Grant Application Process

If you have a program you feel can impact the desired goals and objectives of the Healthy Schools Initiative, we encourage you to attend one of our information sessions on January, 2019. Exact dates and times will be posted in December, 2018.

Timeline for 2018-19 (Current Grantees)

Grant Reporting

REPORTS: Grantees are expected to complete two reports per year: a mid-year report due in January and a final report due in June. Mid-year reports are used to determine if programs are meeting expectations and whether grantees will receive their second grant checks. Mid-year reports are due on January 18, 2019. Final reports are due June 27, 2019.


SHD staff complete 1-2 site visits per year to observe the program and discuss program status with appropriate personnel.


Applied Survey Research (ASR) conducted an evaluation workshop for grantees to help improve tracking and outcome reporting.

ASR Evaluation Presentation Slides (pdf)


Grantees are expected to communicate information about their programs to the HSI website and social media, including progress, successes, and evaluation outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact: Jenny Bratton, email

525 Veterans Boulevard, Redwood City, CA 94063   Office: 650 421-2155 x 207