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Living Healthy Workshops

Sequoia Healthcare District’s Living Healthy workshop made a difference in both my husband’s and my life. It taught me different ways to cope. I am very happy that I took this class with my husband.” — Carol Labarthe

Sequoia Healthcare District’s Living Healthy workshops are available in two formats: The first includes 7 once-a-week classes covering a wide variety of health issues listed below. Each class lasts 90 minutes and is available free of charge to District residents.

The second format consists of 1-hour sessions for workplaces and community settings on any of the topics below. They can be scheduled at dates and times that work for the setting, such as once a week or once a month.

A Pilot Session can also be set up to review Living Healthy.

The interactive Living Healthy sessions are designed to motivate and provide strategies  for improving overall health and feeling better mentally and physically..

Classes are led by a professional health educator who encourage participants to share their health concerns and questions.

Program content for Living Healthy is continually updated and based on current research findings from universities and medical centers. They provide tools for better understanding and making choices around the following topics:

  1. Self-Care for Physical, Social & Mental-Emotional Health and strategies for improving sleep
  2. Strategies for Improving Memory & Brain Health – Lifestyle actions for maintaining brain health, such as exercise, healthy eating, forms of learning, managing stress – as well as common signs of cognitive aging and warning signs of early dementia.
  3.  Nutrition Part 1 – Making healthy food choices that fit cultural backgrounds and taste good, using food labels, portion sizes, discussing and practicing mindful eating.
  4. Nutrition Part 2  Harmful & healthy fats and carbohydrates, the ways sugar affects body and mind, foods to reduce  inflammation, food models proven effective in helping manage chronic conditions.
  5. Benefits of Physical Activity – Both physical & mental emotional benefits are discussed, motivational tips for exercising, personalizing activity plans to meet  interests and needs.
  6. Management of Stress & Pain – Discussing range of strategies for managing stress and practicing relaxation techniques, actions proven beneficial in reducing and managing pain, and steps that can boost your self-confidence.
  7. Effective Visits with Healthcare Providers – Actions for effective medical visits with doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers; tips for remembering medications; strategies to improve communication; medical resources will be provided.

Participants also select positive actions to undertake each week and fill out Personal Wellness Plans.

For more information on upcoming classes contact Nancy Evans (Nancy.evans8@gmail.com).

2018 classes:

May 23-July 11th (Skip July 4th)

Wednesdays, 12:30- 2:00 PM

Location: Fair Oaks Community Center, Redwood City

Sign up at Front Desk at Fair Oaks.

Check back soon for more classes!

Meet our Living Healthy educator!

Nancy Evans, M.P.H.

I became committed to the health and wellness field in my 20’s, primarily inspired by living with Type I insulin-dependent diabetes since age 7.The motivation to stay healthy with diabetes drove my commitment to exercising regularly, eating healthy, managing stress and managing all aspects of my chronic condition.4/2013-SAN FRANCISCO

My commitment to maintaining these healthy actions since childhood has proven to be tremendously positive. These personal experiences led to my dedication to work in the field of health education and wellness. Since getting my Masters degree in Public Health, I’ve worked at the University of California-San Francisco, Kaiser Permanente, taught at the university level, directed a project at the San Francisco Health Department, and created and directed a non-profit organization that specialized in health and wellness for adolescents.

Over the past five years, I’ve developed, updated and conducted the living Healthy program for a wide range of adults in Sans Mateo County. Conducting this health and wellness program at community setting and workplaces has been very fulfilling as I see renewed motivation, self-confidence and tangible accomplishments in participants’ health and well-being. These benefits have a ripple effect as they also reach many of their friends and family members.