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Living Healthy Workshops

Sequoia Healthcare District’s Living Healthy workshop made a difference in both my husband’s and my life. It taught me different ways to cope. I am very happy that I took this class with my husband.” — Carol Labarthe

Photo - Living Healthy - 1Sequoia Healthcare District’s Living Healthy workshops consist of 7 once-a-week classes covering a wide variety of health issues. Each class lasts 90 minutes and is available free of charge to District residents. The workshops are designed to motivate and provide strategies to anyone who has made a commitment to improving their health. It is an ideal program for those living with, or at risk of developing, a chronic condition or taking care of someone with a chronic condition.

Living Healthy classes are led by a professional health educator who encourages participants to share their health concerns and suggestions. Discussions are lively and sometimes very personal but no one is required to share beyond their level of comfort.

Sessions focus on providing tools and a better understanding of the following topics:

(1) managing stress and pain,

(2) engaging in physical activities,

(3) enjoying healthy eating,

(4) engaging in effective communication with healthcare providers, and

(5) improving self-confidence, sleep and memory.

Classes are held at various community settings within the boundaries of the Sequoia Healthcare District and classes are limited to 16 participants.

For more information on upcoming classes call Lee Michelson at 650-421-2155 ext. 202.

Current classes in session:

  • Thursdays September 7 – December 7 -10-11am – Belmont Senior Community Center, 20 Twin Pines Lane — Belmont
  • Wednesdays October 11 to November 15 – 10-11:30 am – San Carlos Adult Community Center – 601 Chestnut St — San Carlos

Next classes to be announced shortly…Check back soon!

To register for a class, contact Lee Michelson at (650) 421-2155 Ext. 202 or email lmichelson@sequoiahealthcaredistrict.com


Meet the Living Healthy educators

Nancy Evans, M.P.H.

I became committed to the health and wellness field in my 20’s, primarily inspired by living with Type I insulin-dependent diabetes since age 7.The motivation to stay healthy with diabetes drove my commitment to exercising regularly, eating healthy, managing stress and managing all aspects of my chronic condition.4/2013-SAN FRANCISCO

My commitment to maintaining these healthy actions since childhood has proven to be tremendously positive. These personal experiences led to my dedication to work in the field of health education and wellness. Since getting my Masters degree in Public Health, I’ve worked at the University of California-San Francisco, Kaiser Permanente, taught at the university level, directed a project at the San Francisco Health Department, and created and directed a non-profit organization that specialized in health and wellness for adolescents.

Over two years ago, I researched and developed the Living Healthy program for the Sequoia District. Since then, I’ve been conducting the 7-session program for adults in San Mateo County. Conducting Living Healthy to adults in my community has been tremendously fulfilling, as I see renewed motivation, self-confidence and tangible accomplishments in participants’ health and well-being. These benefits have a ripple effect as they reach many of their friends and family members, as well. Along with working as a Health Coach for individuals, conducting the Living Healthy program is what I now do – and I love it!

Bonnie Scott, Ph.D.bonnie

Throughout my adult life, the issues I am most curious about center on some aspect of the human experience. For decades now, I have been passionate about research involving anything physiological, mental, emotional, interpersonal, or sociological. Some of this curiosity stemmed from a general interest as a student, while some of it certainly arose from becoming a mother, as well as from addressing past struggles with my own physical health.

My personal path has always had a hearty focus on nutrition, healing methods, physical movement therapies, and stress reduction. With a Ph.D. in Psychology from The Graduate Center at CUNY, I have had the opportunity to explore this particular area in depth, continuing to hone my skills as a family and youth researcher and education evaluator. My professional experience includes being a Project Director of evaluation at WestEd, an educational research lab in San Francisco, as well as a Senior Program Officer for the Thrive Foundation for Youth, a foundation in Menlo Park that supports practices to help youth reach their full potential.

What brings me the most joy is working directly with others to create a community of learning around issues they are interested in exploring. Whether that is in the field of education, psychology, health, child development, or evaluation, my main concern is to provide information that is useful, and facilitate discussion that can meet people’s needs. It is very important to me that discussions are grounded in people’s experience as well as grounded in research.

I am always interested in sharing new research findings and equally interested in what practices we discover for ourselves. I love facilitating the Living Healthy program in our community and participating in this unique process of discovery, accomplishment, and support.