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Strategic Plan 2014-17

Strategic Plan Summary 2014-17

Focus Areas

  1. Funding best practices
  2. Program innovation
  3. Community involvement/leadership
  4. Impact measurement
  5. Electronic connectivity
  6. Financial management


  1. The District will remain primarily a funder of top-quality community health programs. We may develop and manage our own programs as needed but this activity will be secondary to supporting community programs. The number of District staff will remain low.
  2. The District will work towards a better understanding of the health impact that we and our partners are having on the health status of our residents.
  3. The District will be a catalyst for bringing new programs to our community. We will continue to support many of our current programs and health partners but we anticipate that there will be turnover and opportunities to invest in new ideas. We will still primarily make only annual commitments.
  4. The District will challenge itself and health partners to be innovative and continuing striving to improve our existing efforts.
  5. The District staff and Board will be involved in our community and support collaborative efforts that address important health issues. When feasible we will encourage staff to take leadership roles.
  6. The District will budget spending 100% of current tax income on community health programs.
  7. The District will be mindful of the health needs of all residents but focus primarily on vulnerable populations. The following topic areas should receive special attention: dental, mental health, the elderly and the young child.
  8. The District will produce and manage a top-flight website and explore opportunities to better communicate through social media.
  9. The District will remain conservative in our investment approach to minimize risk.
  10. The District will be a vigilant steward of taxpayer dollars.
  11. The District reserves will be protected to pay for administration, elections and building expenses.