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Impact Statement:

Making a Difference in our Community

Sequoia Healthcare District measures its impact in three major ways:

First, we track how many residents we and our partners serve through the various programs that we operate or fund.

Second, we seek out residents who have benefitted from these services and learn about how their lives have been helped and often transformed.

Third, we ask that our program partners set performance goals and measure their success using a variety of evaluation tools. Unlike some areas, measurement in healthcare is not always easy. Sometimes the payoff of what we do today or learn tomorrow does not manifest itself until sometime in the future.

Making Health Happen

At the Sequoia Healthcare District we value innovation and creative solutions to addressing health issues. We have demonstrated that commitment not only by financially supporting great community health projects and outstanding service providers but by also developing and managing our own signature health programs.

Our Healthy Schools Initiative which has grown to be our largest single program is a leader in bringing good health to 28, 000 local school children annually. HSI focuses on the whole child addressing physical and mental health concerns while promoting healthy choices like physical exercise and less sugar intake.

Our HeartSafe program has saved several lives through the placement of more than 300 AED’s throughout our District and the training of thousands of residents in basic CPR. We have even provided special life saving equipment to first responders.

Our Living Healthy Workshops are first rate interactive and fun educational sessions that explore a number of health issues from stress management to reading food labels to the value of exercise and much more. These free workshops allow participants to learn from our facilitators and from each other in a small group setting.

70 Strong, our exciting program connects older adults to the many wonderful health and community services and activities that are available in our area. In partnership with Peninsula Family Service, 70 Strong provides assistance to thousands of residents annually providing them the connections to age well for hopefully many great years.

We know the following:

  • The district partners with three primary care clinic managers to provide more than 9,000 low-income residents with a medical and dental home where they receive basic health care services for medical conditions that, if left untreated, might lead to more serious disease and an improper use of emergency rooms.
  • The district provides a host of health and wellness programs in school settings that impact 28,000 public school children from pre-school through high school. This includes physical education and mental health counseling.
  • The district has placed life-saving equipment in public locations for access by the public in emergencies. These include more than 300 automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and 14 Lucas Device CPR machines provided to local fire departments. The goal is to make our entire community safer in case of cardiac arrest. We also train more than 3,000 residents in hands-on CPR annually.
  • The district funds the work of more than 40 nonprofits to provide various health services to more than 20,000 residents. This figure includes 5,000 individuals who receive food assistance. These community-based nonprofits also provide mental health counseling, wellness programs designed to keep individuals healthy and disease-free and many other services.
  • The district’s Living Healthy Workshops are interactive and informative discussions on a host of health topics.

In total, district grants and programs directly benefit at least 60,000 residents per year, or about one out of every 4.5 residents. Additionally, the entire population benefits by a healthier community.